Sep. 25th, 2017

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QOTD: What is so important to your life that you would resort to violence to protect it?

Me: My family, the ability to read the books I want, the entire constitution.
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Serious content note: effects of sexual assault. Don't read this until you are in a good place to process it.
Photo by Logan Prochaska
(CN: Graphic discussion of the effects of sexual assault. Really graphic.)
Hey, Betsy DeVos. Nearly every workday I have at least one extended conversation with a fellow survivor of sexual assault, usually acquaintance rape, that is either about that sexual assault...
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Photo by AK Rockefeller
Hey, fellow white folk: I really appreciate all the folk standing up lately against white supremacy. Really.


Standing up against something egregious is *easy*. You look to your left and your right, and you see lots of people smiling and nodding...
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Photo by pedrosimoes7 creative commons
I’m a business owner. I’m a professional social worker bound by a code of ethics and a set of practice standards. I have been told, by people who know better, that I can’t speak out politically. That I can’t cuss in public....

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